Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's that science experiment in the corner?

Now Fermenting @ Kazoo Brewery, Oakland:

Mister Squinty Summer Ale   &   Fool Moon Saisoon! 

Whole Hops Concluded! Sweet Portable Beer Dispense!!

In order to really relax on a Memorial Day camping trip, a full, portable corny keg is a necessity. A large, metal framed backpack accommodates one quite well, with room for a fly reel and a few chew bars.

The super-hopped, Belgian-American IPA came out spectacularly: the siphon hose with a ramshackle cheesecloth filter ran full with slightly cloudy golden nectar, and those pesky hop leaves stayed in the bottom of the carboy. 

Quick-charged the keg overnight, bathed in ice (hopefully about 50*F throughout), alongside of the Amber Ale keg we brewed and left behind to appease those brewhands unable to trek out to the river. Sealed off the IPA and tapped the Amber.

Materials needed for portable pump:
1 hand bicycle pump
1 Gas In quick disconnect fitting
4" gas tubing
1 old bike tire innertube
some kind of clamping device, pref. circular
sharp scissors

Cut the stem from the bike innertube (make the leftover rubber into a bungee to tie down important camping gear!) and force it into one end of the gas tubing, so that the air nipple sticks out. Clamp that down/use some extra secure thing you improvise. Attach the other end to the quick disconnect and voila! you can pump air into the keg to displace all that delicious beer. As long as you drink the beer in the span of 2 or 3 days, you don't have to worry about it going off due to the odd bits of primordial life you're introducing from the outside air!