Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Re-Runs

The golden saison, crown of kazoo, is back for another round! Capped another 40 or so various sized bottles yesterday, and now an extra hopped mr. squinty is boiling up hops in the kitchen!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zwicklemania, a brewery-crawl thru portland that happened in January, led me to stumble upon Rogue's Honey-Orange Wheat, an immensely quaffable, juicy brew that I determined on the spot to be my new favorite hot afternoon beer. A quest to clone it brewed in my head. Here is the recipe I used:

3.5# malted wheat
2.5# domestic 2 row

1 oz Willamette Hops added at 60 minutes
1 oz Willamette Hops added at 20 minutes

2# wildflower honey & 2c fancy britches orange juice added at the end of the boil

Let it ferment 5 weeks & bottled it last saturday. It was quite pale, and the honey flavor was strong in the obligatory uncarbonated sample, but we shall see what pours out in two weeks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Coffee-Cacao Stout (bottled with help two weeks ago at the new site of Kazoo Brooing) is a huge success!
Creamy milkshake mouthfeel, thanks to the addition of oatmeal to the mash, the typical roasty stout flavors from caramunich malt & a healthy dose of bittersweet coffee & raw chocolate flavor evoke warmer, island times now, in this stale winter season.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brewing and Bottling with Friends

Hothead Saison was so good, we had to do it again!

Dumped/drank the last of the failed Tangerine Porter to make room for a new batch last Sunday, the Cacao-Cafe Stout. Bottling is much easier with eager friends about to fill & cap bottles! While that was going on, the extract + mini mash recipe for Saison was bubbling along in the kitchen. With so many enthusiastic helpers the brew went swimmingly, and now the yeasties are doing their part over in the corner. Tasted a small splash of the uncarbonated Stout & I don't think this one is going to be hanging around very long!

Saison Recipe (from Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher)

3.5# pale malt extract
2# Munich malt
1# red wheat malt
1# unrefined sugar (we used Sucranat, evaporated cane juice)

1 oz Northern Brewer (60 minutes)
1.5 oz Saaz (30 minutes)
2 oz UK Goldings (5 minutes)

Special Extras:
orange & grapefruit zest
grains of paradise

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carbonation Problem and Stout on Hold

Waited out the 2 obligatory weeks between bottling and first taste, but the Long Night Tangerine Porter poured more like a bottle of coke than a dark creamy beer. The bubbles were quite large and disappeared almost immediately, leaving no head to speak of. The flavor of the beer was also somewhere in between styles, the tangerine fruitiness overplaying its part and easily drowning out the beer's feeble body and mouthfeel. Rather unfortunate, because I really liked the label I had drawn for this one, & there is really no need to label this beer. Two beers in every dozen seem almost properly carbonated, so we've just been cracking them until one fizzes and drinking that one. At least the bottles, scrubbed free of their previous labels, will come in handy when we bottle the stout, which is sitting at 10 weeks right now.