Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carbonation Problem and Stout on Hold

Waited out the 2 obligatory weeks between bottling and first taste, but the Long Night Tangerine Porter poured more like a bottle of coke than a dark creamy beer. The bubbles were quite large and disappeared almost immediately, leaving no head to speak of. The flavor of the beer was also somewhere in between styles, the tangerine fruitiness overplaying its part and easily drowning out the beer's feeble body and mouthfeel. Rather unfortunate, because I really liked the label I had drawn for this one, & there is really no need to label this beer. Two beers in every dozen seem almost properly carbonated, so we've just been cracking them until one fizzes and drinking that one. At least the bottles, scrubbed free of their previous labels, will come in handy when we bottle the stout, which is sitting at 10 weeks right now.